The following rules set out the accommodation conditions as well as the rights and obligations of the Guests. It is assumed that every person, who checks in the apartment, is familiar with these rules and he/ she is deemed to have undertaken to follow them as well as to make sure that any accompanying individuals also get acquainted with them and follow them.


  • The initial reservation (inquiry) of the apartment services may be made via the telephone, e-mail or other sales channels. A reservation of the apartment is deemed to have been made only after the Operator receives a full payment for the booked period. The guests are sent a notification confirming reservation of the apartment upon receipt of the payment for the booked period.
  • A full payment for the booked services shall be made no later than within 3 calendar days since making the initial reservation (inquiry) or within a different term indicated in the notice confirming the initial reservation received from the Operator. The initial reservation is cancelled in the event of the Guest’s failure to pay the full price for the booked services.
  • The Guests may check in to the apartments from 03:00 p.m. and they must check out by 12 o’clock noon. Arrangements for free later check-out (before 02:00 p.m.) or late check-out (before 06:00 p.m.) (the latter option being subject to an extra charge) are available whenever possible and upon making prior arrangements with the administration of the Operator.
  • An adult person must be registered in each individual apartment room regardless of the person paying for the services.
  • The Operator reserves the right not to provide accommodations to persons, who are intoxicated with alcohol; refuse to produce the required identification documents; behave aggressively. This also applies in cases when their inadequate behaviour in respect of the Operator’s staff and (or) other apartments poses a threat to the Operator’s staff, other guests of the apartments, or the Operator’s property.
  • The Operator has a right to remove from the apartments any persons, whose behaviour is unsafe or inappropriate or could pose a threat to other guests or preservation of the Operator’s property, is not compatible with the concept of the apartments or it is contrary to good morals and other acceptable norms of behaviour or public order.
  • Guests with pets are accepted and accommodated only upon making prior arrangements with the Operator. The Guests’ pets must be on a leash in the entire territory of the apartments, letting pets off the leash in the territory of the apartments is strictly forbidden. Allowing pets to defecate on the ornamental plants and flowers in the territory is strictly forbidden. The pet owners must collect all of their pet faeces. A fine to the amount of EUR 30 would be imposed in the event of failure to follow the rules set out in this paragraph.


  • The apartment Guests must keep order, observe good morals, acceptable norms of behaviour, they must not violate the rights of the Operator’s staff and other apartment guests by their actions and behaviour and they must not disturb the public order. The Operator’s staff have a right to call the police and (or) security services, if necessary.
  • The Guests must keep quiet during the night (from 10:00 p.m. to 07:00 a.m.) in order not to disturb the rest of other guests of the hotel.
  • In the event of any failure of the equipment, appliances, and inventory in the apartment rooms or damage to property, etc. the Guests must notify this to the Operator’s staff immediately, but no later than within 1 hour. Using any faulty equipment, appliances, or other inventory is strictly forbidden. The Operator takes no responsibility for any damages caused to the Guests or other persons as a result of using faulty appliances, equipment or other faulty inventory in the room.
  • The registered Guest is responsible for the behaviour of all persons actually staying in the room as well as following of these rules.
  • The Guests must compensate for any damages caused to the Operator’s property or property interests, including the loss of income, resulting from their actions / omissions under the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. The adult registered in the room must be responsible for the compensation of damages caused to the Operator. The Operator’s staff have a right to call the police and (or) security services, if necessary.


  • To smoke on any premises of the apartments (in the rooms and in the common areas). A fine to the amount of EUR 50 is imposed for smoking on the premises.
  • To take towels, blankets, bedding or other inventory available in the rooms from the rooms.
  • Dear Guests, we kindly ask you to take good care and to spare our property. We hope you feel comfortable during your stay. Yet, since we may encounter impudent guests, the Civil Code sets out the procedure for recovery of property damages for the owners of apartments.
  • The Guest is required to immediately notify any disappearance, shortage, or damage caused to the items or other property to the administration and to compensate for any damages.
  • The purpose of these rules is to ensure peaceful and safe rest for you. We appreciate your understanding and tolerance.